Perth Chamber Music Society is open to adults of ALL ages, and ALL abilities who are able and willing to play chamber music.  Your only limitation will be the availability of other members who want to play with you! So encourage as many of your friends and acquaintances as possible to join.
All instrumentalists are welcome to join, however, there is obviously a much larger musical repertoire for stringed instruments and piano.  Other instrumentalists will need to be much more pro-active about finding groups to play with, and providing suitable music.  
The intention is to create a forum for chamber musicians which significantly enhances our enjoyment of playing chamber music by providing:
  • Many opportunities to meet other people who share your love of chamber music
  • Contact details of all members
  • Regular monthly meetings
  • Informal concerts provided by members, for members
  • 1 – 3  full day,  weekend or even longer gatherings during the year.
  • Professional coaching (there will be a cost involved)
  • A great social life based around playing some of the finest classical music which has ever been written (in this organiser’s opinion)!

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